• “My goal is to do a job well done, and that you are so delighted that you do not hesitate to recommend me“

    Noamar manager
  • What is the HISTORY of Noamar?

    I am a traditional foreman. As a fourteen year old I started to work with my father and my uncle where I learned everything about the construction industry. I did not have the opportunity to study, but instead I learned the building trade from the beginning, before “production line” building, when houses were built to stand the test of time. Now after almost 30 years I can combine these techniques from the old masters with the current tools and materials, and every well-finished job is a source of pride for me and my team.
  • How would you describe the ACTIVITY of your company?

    We can meet any expectation, from a simple change a bath for a shower, to a complete refurbishment or project.

    All our professionals have extensive experience, from architect and surveyor, to the best electricians, plumbers, painters, carpenters, etc who enable us to provide an efficient service from the start to finish of a project.
  • What kind of materials do you work with?

    We combine current techniques and materials as well as traditional methods (porcelain, granite, stoneware, marble, wood, etc). We pride ourselves on listening to our client’s requirements to enable us to provide a bespoke service.

    Even if the job is a small renovation or with a low budget, we never use low quality materials because eventually they cause problems and this could result in an unsatisfied client.
  • Who are your clients?

    We cater for residents and holiday home owners. We frequently receive enquiries from small apartment owners with traditional tastes to an owner of a luxury villa who loves an individual design with the most innovative and unique materials.

    We also offer service to companies and investors; In short, we try to adapt to each type of customer and understand their needs.
  • What makes you different from your competitors?

    If something characterizes us, is our aim to satisfy our customers. We help find solutions to make the whole process less stressful and an exciting journey. One of the main concerns of a potential client are the tight deadlines and the fear that the job will potentially over-run from one week to 3 months... 

    On the other hand we always work with a final budget so there are no surprises. This is fundamental.
  • What makes you different from your competitors?

    We guarantee that on completion of a job the area is clean and tidy When we study customer survey, many complaints are relating to the above pints. We pride ourselves on checking the published survey results and ensure that we fulfill our obligations.

    We personally guarantee that, should a problem arise afterward completion of the job, we will rectify the issue immediately. We believe that we are PROFESSIONALS. A word that is very easy to say, but we also KNOW WHAT IT MEANS.
  • Is there a project that made you feel proud?

    I am proud when I finish a project and the client has a big smile on their face! Often satisfaction is found in the simplest things.
  • How would you describe your SLOGAN?

    My aim is that if a client likes my work, they would endorse my company. Word of mouth is powerful recommendation.
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Francisco Mogica | (+34) 673 577 740 | info@noamar.es